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Doctor who crack in time light

According to nasa: The snake-like object located about 11,000 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius is actually the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems and may be harboring light beastly stars in the process of forming.
Examining it, the Doctor reached inside the crack for "shrapnel" from the original light explosion, and retrieved a burnt piece of the tardis.
Doctor Who then you know all about the crack in space-time that has been following Amy and The Doctor around wherever light they go, wiping out events and all memory of them.
To withdraw your consent, see.For example: The crack in Amys wall crack from the first episode that has reappeared in every era the duo crack have visited since was explained kind.( TV : Flesh and Stone ) Clive Finch, a man who Rose Tyler met while researching the Ninth Doctor, similarly theorized crack that cracks in time were erasing doctor peoples' memories of previous alien encounters.Eventually Clara Oswald used the crack to implore the Time Lords to save the Doctor who was dying of extreme old age due to having no more regenerations.( TV : The Pandorica Opens ) It exploded, cracking points in time and space, some of which the Eleventh Doctor had been. This resulted in the majority of versi the universe never existing, but the tardis mhc-w preserved Earth by putting itself in a time loop at the moment of its death.
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( TV : rdr-gx The Time Monster ) The Sixth Doctor stated his tardis possessed a temporal field, and even called a residual tardis trace as a resonating time field; ( audio : The Four Doctors manual ) he used his tardis to create a competing time.
( audio : The Feast of Axos ) The Garvond hoped to feed on and ravage the "field eldest of times." ( prose : The Dimension Riders ) The skull of Vilus Krull existed in a para-chronic time field, meaning it existed partially outside of the.Closing Edit Having determined that the Pandorica designed as the perfect prison still contained some atoms of the original universe that existed prior to the tardis exploding, the Doctor flew it into the heart of the tardis explosion.Skip to content television, chris Greenland, thu Jun 24, 2010 11:44am 17 comments, favorite This, if youve been following the current season.( prose : Rose ) A section of the Doctor's tardis retrieved from a crack.The, eleventh Doctor closes one of the time field's cracks by sending hundreds.Bennus noted that none of Gallifrey's defences, including the time field, would be able to withstand the impact of the Thousand Worlds which the Daleks planned to forcibly crash into Gallifrey at fifty times the speed of light.This page should be merged.And if so, what did he say to her when she was seven?As the Doctors future wife River Song would say, spoilers!The Bannerman Road gang helped Deathy to close it before it spread all over the world.Thats a huge tear in the Milky Way.Talk about it here or check the revision history for additional comments.River Song tried to prevent the explosion, but completely lost eldest control of the tardis.( audio : Patient Zero ) The Doctor was sensitive to disturbances in time-fields, ( comic : Ophidius ) feeling a tickling at the top of his spine, like someone walking over his grave.

( TV : The Time of the Doctor ) The Doctor discovers one final crack in the universe in Christmas.
original story doctor who crack in time light located on Daily Dust, which also has cute video of Steven Moffats son interviewing him about the current season.