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Pesticide record keeping manual

4.3.2 Disposal of record surplus spray Pesticide waste can be divided into surplus diluted spray solution (see.3.1) and surplus concentrate material.
The Whys and Hows of Pesticide Recordkeeping, keeping Purdue University, Illinois.
Commercial Non-commercial Applicators, in South Carolina, commercial and non-commercial pesticide applicators may be required to maintain records on their pesticide applications under more than one regulation.
Water temperature, quality and pH can also influence chemical stability of tank mixes.Where local pesticide regulations pesticide are not in place the keeping International record Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides (Amended version) manual FAO, offers guidance.Personal Protective Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned after use, dried and stored in a well ventilated store away from other materials.4.1.6 Tank filling The spray loader is at the highest risk when handling the concentrate pesticide and his exposure time will increase on airstrips handling more than one aircraft for multiple sorties.Store stock control must ensure that existing chemicals are used first before recently purchased similar record new products. By incorporating into national legislation, a kenwood requirement for manufacturers and service importers to declare that application equipment meets standard of safety and durability, it should be possible to gradually reduce and eventually eliminate sub-standard equipment from the market.
However, a prudent applicator always records significantly more information than the minimum requirements.
The time battel of day a treatment is applied can be important.
He/she must have up-to-date product label information and access to a good supply of appropriate antidotes keeping for the products in use.
Seals must be inspected and spring-loaded working parts (cut-off valves/liquid restrictor valves) must be working correctly.
Guidelines on organization and operation of training schemes and certification procedures for operators of pesticide application equipment, FAO Rome 2001.
Bellinger, Extension Pesticide Coordinator,.
The product label will record indicate the period of time the treatment can be applied before rain and may also indicate the required dose rates for top-up application if the original spray is diluted by unexpected rain shortly after spraying.Chemical container management can be facilitated where products are purchased in returnable containers.Where reduced liquid flow rates for ULV spraying are used, a spray monitoring system record and a flow meter are essential.The distance a spray droplet travels depends on the droplet size and downward tm-a velocity, the release height and the ambient conditions.As well as PPE for the ground crew and field staff, appropriate fire record extinguishers must be provided for both the aircraft and the airstrip.Temperature In conventional (water-based) spraying, high temperature, combined with low relative humidity will reduce droplet size through evaporation, which will increase the risk of drift.Pesticide transporters and users must be familiar with label recommendations and procedures to be followed.

Application.1 Pre-application.1.1 Spray equipment.1.2 Equipment serviceability.1.3 Adjustment and control checks.1.4 Conventional pesticide record keeping manual spray calibration.1.5 ULV spray calibration.1.6 Tank filling.1.7 Prior warnings.2 Field application.2.1 Field survey.2.2 Meteorological considerations.2.3 Treatment timing.2.4 Airstrip operation.2.5 Field.
Records must be kept of all incidents and remedial action taken.