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Sap copa end user manual

sap copa end user manual

Start with the master copa data: cost centers, activity types, and manual more.
Define Tax acounts Upto Tax on Sales/Purchases same path Posting Define Tax accounts Double manual click on transaction MWS ( Output tax) Chart of accounts : user laca Enter Save Account 100530 Save button Continue Back button Double click on transaction VST ( Input tax) Save Account.
SrinivasaKasireddy Salary 40 copa Rent 50 Cash *.Maintain settlement user profiles: Same path Double click on Maintain settlement profiles New entries Settlement profiles : LAP1 Description : iocc LAP To be settled in full Allocation structure : L1 Indicators 100-validation -Settlement Equivalence number Amount settlement Valid receivers Cost center : Settlement Required.Sender CostCenter Reciving cost Center Salaries Rent Vhcle maint 1011(Plant Admin) Costs recorded in cost center Plant admin by FI postings : Cost Center Primary Cost elements Costs incured 1011(Plant Admin) 400500 (Salaries) 400600(Rent) Vehicle maintenance 72000.00 18000.00 27000.00 Total Plant admin charges 81000.00 Sender.Posting of Rent, Elc bills, in CC 1006 Tcode : F-02.The key components in SAP CO-PA are as follows.Both quantity user and cost both are allocated for activity type tshra ). Freight charges can be distributed among invoice items.
Maintain Company Code for Material Management: TCode :omsy Up to Material Master same path Basic SettingsMaintain Company Codes for Material Management Position Company code : LAP Enter (caution: Enter current period.If you enter wrong period it cant be changed) 117 118.
Whereas both types of convert Profitability Analysis can receive actual data in parallel, there is no common source of planning data.
SrinivasaKasireddy Actual quantity of Mnt Hrs is recorded in the receiving cost center when the services are consumed.
Creation of RM master TCode :MM01 SAP Easy AccessLogisticsMaterials ManagementMaterial MasterMaterialCreate (General) Immediately MM01 Material : laprm Industry Sector : Mechanical Engineering Material type : ROH Raw Material Select View(s) button Select views Basic data1, Purchasing, General Plant Data / Storage 1, Accounting 1, Costing1.
Define Attributes of Material Types: Up to Basic Settings same path Material typesDefine Attributes of Material types Position Material type : fert Enter Select Material Type fert Double click on Quantity/value updating folder Position Enter Valuatin area : LAP1 Enter Valuation area Material s Qty.
T Cost Center Category program : 1 Hierarchy Area : STD_hier Business Area : lanz Currency : INR Save.
The allocated activity quantities are entered crack directly simpsons using TCode KB21N.Holiday button Save Continue Back button twice Factory game calendar line Change button Create button Factory calendar ID : LF Description : Factory calendar for LAP Holiday calendar ID : LC Workdays Select Monday to Saturday Save Continue.Creation of FS Group Tcode:OBC4 Select FStV lafs Double click on Field status tools groups folder Select Field status group G002 Copy as button Change the Field Status group to G015 Change the Text to Cost accounts (CC req IO Optinl) Enter Double click on FSG.SrinivasaKasireddy Enter (Screen is updated as shown in the following image) followed by the value/text to be entered Multiple inputs/input values in a single screen are shown in the form of table.If total number of employees in 3cost centers is 300.SrinivasaKasireddy Tcode : FS00 Select GL account 400500 Salaries Copy button GL account: 400518 Enter Change the Description to Promotional expenses Create/Bank/interest tab Change Field status group to G016 Save Edit Cost element button Valid from : 2 Enter Cost Elem Category : 01 Save.SrinivasaKasireddy Direct Activity allocation : is used for recording actual quantities of activity types consumed by the receving CO object.Allocation method (Assessment Method.Assign Splitting Structure to Cost Centers Same Path Cost centre : 1009 All versions Fiscal Year : 201x Change button 1009 Click on L1 under splitting Structures Assign button( ) Save Continue Category 3 Direct entry Indirect Allocation Category 2 Indirect entry Indirect Allocation Planning.Posting of Rent, Salary,Veh maintanance in CC 1011 Tcode : F Vehcile maintance Cash *.

How to use the book Just read line by line and follow the instructions.
Inv.Docs Maintain Groups button Material documents for goods receipts WE WF WO WW Interval menuMaintain Position the cursor sap copa end user manual on any interval Edit menuInsert year Year From number To number 2013 (Calendar year) Enter Back button Material documents for goods movements and inventory diffs.
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