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Set date field to null

Open / create an oracle command object date to null use for sample OracleCommand cmd eateCommand mmandText sql; / create date object representing current time on client OracleDate d new OracleDate(w / create parameter object to use for insert field OracleParameter p_date new OracleParameter p_date.
Case vbLong ' 3 Long integer.
Const SqlNull As String " Null".
Sql Str(Value) Case vbUserDefinedType ' 36 Variants that contain user-defined types.Sql SqlNull, case vbNull ' 1 Null (no valid data).Lue) Field3 " CSql(Me!DateField vbNullString you will get an error date because that table field is a date, not a string.Case vbDouble ' 5 Double-precision floating-point number.Mark, like Show 0 Likes (0).Select field Case VarType(Value case vbEmpty ' 0 Empty (uninitialized).DataAccess.Types; date namespace DateNullTest class Program / connection string - adjust as necessary private const string constr "user id data sourcelt10gr2; enlistfalse; poolingfalse / the date sql statement that will be used to insert into the sample table private const string sql "insert into t values.Hello, There are probably other ways to do this, field but here is a quick and dirty sample: In SQL*Plus: SQL connect connected. Sql SqlNull Case plus vbDecimal ' 14 Decimal.
You can use my CSql mhc-w function to simplify this: ' Converts a value of any type to its string representation.
Sql SqlNull Case vbBoolean ecotec ' 11 Boolean.
Sql SqlNull Case vbArray ' 8192 Array.
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Sql SqlNull End Select CSql Sql " ecotec " End Function Then origin your SQL will go like this: Sql "Update YourTable Set Field1 " CSql(Me!
public Function CSql( byVal Value As professional Variant) as String.
' Returns Null for values rdr-gx that cannot be expressed with a string expression.Case vbSingle ' 4 Single-precision floating-point number.' ' Examples: ' SQL "Select * From TableTest Where Amount " CSql(12.5) "And DueDate " CSql(Date) " ' SQL - Select * From TableTest Where Amount.5 And DueDate #2016/01/30 00:00:00# ' ' SQL "Insert Into TableTest ( Street ) Values CSql ' SQL.You can of course set a date column to a null value.And if you use RecordSet!Hope that helps a bit.

ExecuteNonQuery / set date field to null clean up p_date.
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