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Yamaha virago 125 manual

Make sure the slot in the speedometer gear manual unit fitsover the stopper manual on the frontfork outer tube.
Remove the bolts and the air filter case.Thebattery fluid virago should be checked atleast manual once a month.Otherwise, therubber seals may deteriorate, causing leakage and poorbrake performance.Page 56 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page Use only the designated quali- ty brake fluid.Page 84 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page specifications 8-5 EAU01064 HOW TO USE THE conversion virago table All specification data in this manual are listed in SIand metric e this table to convert metric unit data to imperial unit data.Page 36 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page 36 periodic yamaha maintenance AND minor repair EAU00473 periodic maintenance AND lubrication Every Every 6,000 km yamaha 12,000. Page walther 81 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page 81 specifications Fuel Type Regular unleaded gasoline Fuel tank screen capacity.5 L Reserve amount.6 L Carburetor Type/quantity BDS26/1 Manufacturer bernard mikuni Spark plug Manufacturer / Type NGK / CR6HSA or denso /.
Install the new oil filter, new O- ring and the oil filter cover.
Page 6 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual.
EW000103 w Check the operation of the brakelight after adjusting the rear brake.
Page 14 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual.Item checks AND maintenance manual jobs initial or or 1,000 km 6 months 12 months (Whichever (Whichever comes first) comes first).Page 20 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual.Place a stand under theengine to raise the front wheel offthe ground.Consult aYamaha dealer regarding anyc.Page 65 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page periodic maintenance AND minor repair inside EC000100 c C Normal tap water contains miner-als which are harmful to a battery;therefore, refill only with distilledwater.EW000119 w Keep flammable products and yourhands away from a bulb walther while.Left robertspdf handlebar switches (page 3-2)17. .Page 71 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page periodic maintenance AND minor repair. .

Page 51 Yamaha Virago XV125S Manual Page periodic maintenance AND minor yamaha virago 125 manual repair note:These limits may be different byregulation from country to country.
Adjust the free play in the brake pedal.